Thursday, February 17, 2011


I spent the last 30 minutes reading past posts from my blog, and noticed that I have had this blog for over a year! Crazy to think, but really is 1 year even that long? It seems like years flash by before our faces, but they are packed full of events, memories, occasions, losses, gains, relationships, emotions, adventures. Some that we will never forget, and some that we won't even remember, but all with a purpose.
My mind has been recently swimming with the months I've spent here and what I think the future will look like. Whether positive or negative thoughts my mind always comes to the (awesome) fact that God is in control of that. He has gotten me this far.
I've taken a couple of classes at seminary so far this year and am currently focusing on Russian, and I have come to a conclusion about Russian, it is really hard. I've never had/wanted to learn another language before (other than the 2 years of Latin I took purely for credit sake), but obviously living somewhere else makes that pretty important. My study habits could be better, but so could my patience level. I understand more and more why I was in speech therapy when I was younger haha So I would ask your prayers for patience, and understanding. I have found that I understand a lot more than I can actually speak, which is good but also not. I know I have the capability to learn the language I just need to put forth the effort that takes.
In other news I am really looking forward to the summer! Not only for warmer weather, but because even though it's crazy busy, it's so exciting! New people constantly coming and going, and all the camps and opportunities to spread the Word, now that is just exciting. So please be praying for the camps and all the people who are beginning to commit to coming this summer from America. I've seen God move in mighty ways through the different projects, and I know that this summer will be no exception.
I want to end by sharing some lyrics to a new Hillsong United song. It's called Aftermath and is from their new album also called Aftermath. I found it to be great inspiration this week.

The skies lay low where You are.
On the earth You rest Your feet.
Yet the hands that cradle the stars. Are the hands that bled for me.
In a moment of glorious surrender. You were broken for all the world to see.
Lifted out of the ashes. I am found in the aftermath.
Freedom found in Your scars. In Your grace my life redeemed.
For you chose to take the sinner's crown.
As You placed Your crown on me. In that moment of glorious surrender.
Was the moment You broke the chains in me.
Lifted out of the ashes. I am found in the aftermath.
And in that moment You opened up the heavens.
To the broken the beggar and the thief. Lifted out of the wreckage.
I find hope in the aftermath. And I know that You're with me.
Yes I know that You're with me here.
And I know Your love will light the way.
Now all I have I count it all as loss.
But to know You and to carry the cross.
Knowing I'm found.
In the light of the aftermath.

This is what they have to say about the meaning behind this song in the digital booklet on Itunes, which I just discovered and also want to share.

"The cross is a paradox. What was a symbol of failure and death is now established forever as a symbol of life and victory. The crucifixion was a gruesome and traumatic event and at the moment of surrender as the storm clouds gathered and the skies went to darkness it would have seemed to all who were witnesses, especially His followers, that all hope was lost - the so called 'Son of God' humiliated and tortured, dying as He hung upon a cross. But unlike any historical that has ever taken place before or after, this moment would change everything - Forever. Because of the cross we no longer have to live entangled in the fallout and the wreckage of our lives, or the worst the world can throw at us. We have been lifted out of the ashes and into the LIGHT of the aftermath. We find hope, peace, freedom, and life, and we can know with assurance that He is with us no matter what comes out way."

Often when you hear the word aftermath what follows is a description of the result of a disaster. In this case the aftermath is what has saved us and put us into a saving relationship with the Father. I like how they said "entangled in the fallout and the wreckage of our lives, or the worst the world can throw at us". This may sound negative, but it is so true and a great way to describe our lives without Christ. The world throws so much at us in this life that causes us to be entangled in all this confusion. But Jesus, He is the master at untying knots.
God I give my knots of this life for you to untie, because I can't do it without you.

Blessings to you all,

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  1. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing so personally with us.