Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little over 4 months.

Another week in Moldova has gone by, filled with new blessings, new challenges, and new experiences. And God remains the reason for it all.
My roommate and I took 2 weeks off, and although I slept in a little more than I probably should have, these 2 weeks were a blessing.
Tomorrow though we will be starting a new class at the seminary over the Old Testament with another American professor from St. Louis. I'm really excited about diving into the Old Testament. I mean this is a foundation for the New Testament, so I figure I should probably understand it ha.
Today I had the blessing of spending the afternoon with one of my friends from camp, Hellen. She took me to a mall by where she lives and we enjoyed a little bit of ping pong and some crepes. I love spending time with her, and seeing her love for the Lord grow more and more each day.
Please be praying for Hellen, that her love for the Lord would continue to grow. Also she is trying to get to America to study after high school, please pray that God's will would be done, and that he would open up the right doors for her.
It also continues to get colder and colder each week and my mom and I have already agreed that I will be needing to buy a new winter coat in December in America since I'm already wearing my intended winter coat almost every day.
Also please keep the youth of Moldova in your prayers. KBC makes a great effort to reach out to them, and I just pray that their hearts would be softened and that they would be filled with the joy of the Lord.
God is doing more things in me than I could have ever imagined. I pray that He would reveal to me what He would have for me after this year. Whether it be to continue serving in Moldova or to embark on something else. I pray that His will would be done.
I know that everything is in the Lord's hands and that He is always watching over me.
To all of you, Thank you.
Much love and God Bless,

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