Sunday, May 2, 2010

Houston we have a problem, Bethany doesn't want to pack all her stuff.

Wouldn't it be awesome if telaporting was possible, because if so I would definitely telaport me and all my stuff to Moldova. In exactly 5 weeks from today I will be leaving good ol' M-Town. I can't exactly say that i'm sad to be leaving Midland, but leaving my family, home, and friends will be a different story and harder than I thought. But I just keep reminding myself of all the amazing things to come, and the new home God will create for me in Moldova. The departure date though is coming a lot faster than I thought it would though. The more I sit in my room and look around, the more I realize how much stuff I have to go through. The end of school is also coming, and although the homework is at a minimum, the stress of graduating is not. I never realized how much there is to do when you're a senior. But I am happy to say that all my graduation announcements are in the mail and inside of every single one of them is a prayer card! I am very proud of these cards and can't wait for everyone to receive them. So if you are reading this blog because you received a card now you know why you got a prayer card for Moldova rather than a traditional senior picture.
I was asked this morning at church how it felt to know that i'm about to graduate and move into the mission field. I didn't have an immediate answer, but I began to think about it more throughout the day. Honestly I know it won't truly click until the day comes and I'm walking across that stage with the cap and gown on and when I'm stepping onto that plane, but it excites me so much knowing that the day is coming. I will be honest, I am nervous, but that doesn't change the fact that I know without a doubt i'm following God's will for my life. I feel honored to have this opportunity, and every day God shows me a little more how amazing he is.
So at this point all I ask for is prayer. Prayer that everything that needs to be done, will get done. That God will watch over my family and I at this point of major change in our lives.

Much love and God Bless,

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