Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where does time go?

Exactly 2 weeks from today i'll be in a plane on my way to the other side of the world. One important thing has to happen before though, I have to graduate high school. With the stress of packing and leaving this fact has kind of been pushed to the back of my mind. But today it clicked that the day that I have been waiting for since kindergarten is almost finally here. It doesn't seem like i'm old enough to finally be finishing high school, but I am. I'm so excited to be closing this chapter of my life and opening another. We had a baccalaureate ceremony at my school today, which brings in a spiritual side to graduation, which I of course support. The speaker was a former Midland High graduate and he had some pretty wise words to say. I was sitting next to my best friend Liz and she kept nudging me as he addressed all the things we had talked about when it came to graduating and me moving to Moldova. Like fears, being nervous, passions, stepping out of your comfort zone, and so many more. It was very comforting knowing that God put me in that room and used that young man's words to help comfort me. I haven't had any second thoughts about going to Moldova, but with any big change comes stress and worries. But I know what will get me through is prayer. I feel the many many prayers that I know are being said for me daily. I ask for calming of nerves, peace, wisdom, mental strength, health, and ultimately for God's Will to be done. I know I'm going where God wants me, and I will be doing his work. This is such an exciting time, and I feel blessed beyond words.

Much Love and God Bless

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