Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can I have a side of prayer please??

Alright I know I haven't updated in while, but the Midland group was here last week and left Monday so just now getting a chance to sit down and breath. But considering it's 1:15 in the morning I'm going to save the detailed update of the amazing week we had last week for another time this week.
Right now I ask for prayer. My roommates (Claudette and Angelica) and I have been in the process of getting our living permits. We have run into some issues, and it may even cause us to not be able to get permits which means we would be returning home at the end of summer. This is not what we had planned and not what we expected at all so it has all been a little overwhelming. There has been some issues with deadlines and the time it takes to process the application and now there are issues concerning the registration of the seminary and Americans attending it, I don't know the details. Eugene and Slava are working their hardest to make this work. So I ask for prayer that God's hand would completely be in this situation and that His Will would be done. We know that he can do this and that we just need to give it over to him. We pray that doubt wouldn't set in and that we would be surrounded by positive energy.
We are meeting with Slava tomorrow morning at 10:00 and will know more then. I will keep you all updated, and thank you so so so much for your prayers and support.
Much love and God bless, Bethany

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