Sunday, August 8, 2010

Balance Is The Key

As I sit here on the 21st floor of our new apartment and eat my American Hershey’s chocolate bar that was given to me by a Moldovan I’m reminded of the biggest thing I learned here in Moldova so far. Balance. I’ve learned that this is something that I didn’t have very much of back in America. I’m realizing that high school might have been a little more enjoyable if I had though ha.

But what God is showing me is that balance is so important especially when so much is happening. Balance in my day to day schedule, balance in relationships, balance in my American life and my Moldovan life, and balance in my spiritual life. Some have been easier than others to figure out, not that I’ve completely figured any of them out ha. Obviously my time management has been an issue since it has been a while since I’ve posted on here. I say in my head ok tonight just take 30 minutes to an hour to sit down and post a new blog. 75% of the time that plan doesn’t last. I write to you all though that you do matter to me very much and please don’t think any differently. I knew I’d be busy this summer, but had no idea to this extent. But it has been a blessing because in all that hectic time God has been working!

God is revealing many things to me here in Moldova, and I thank him for putting me here, and all of you for supporting me. The 4th American team is here right now, and we will be meeting up with them at the camp tomorrow. This is the youth camp and is the last thing of the summer. I’m really excited to get away from the city and just enjoy this time with the youth and the leaders of KBC, and to get to know the American team of course. This is the 2nd team from my roommates’ church in San Antonio.

We will be going to the camp tomorrow evening with Eugene though because tomorrow we have to go get our living permits! Yes we got them! Thank you so much for all the prayers. It was a more complicated process than I anticipated, but it all ended up working out. Just the fact that we were able to get them is another sign from God that this is where I’m supposed to be. So I will now have a green card for Moldova! (yes it really is green)

To celebrate getting our living permits, and relax after the busy summer, my roommates and I are taking a little vacation. We’re taking 10 days to explore a little bit of Italy and Germany. We’re so excited for this time to relax and enjoy these new places. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and am so thankful for my parents who are making it happen! I’m sure there will be many stories and pictures to share from that trip.

After we come back from there we will be going to a camp for the seminary students and then the school year will start. I have no idea what this year in seminary holds for me, but I’m very excited to find out. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the seminary, and for once in my life am excited to go to school. This will be a big test in my life I know, but I’m ready for the challenge.

When it comes to Russian, well I know as much as I’ve studied. Which isn’t very much. Our Russian lessons were put on hold with all of the projects, but I understand a lot more that I did when I first came. I’m really good at pointing at things and I’ve learned that body language is key. We’ve had so many interesting encounters when it comes to the language. I hope that I am able to put in more effort to my Russian once the summer is over. Just even attempting to learn a new language and living in a new culture has been the biggest learning experience for me.

Please pray that God will continue to give me good health. I’ve had a viral infection this past week that has included a lovely cough. I went to the doctor and was given some medicine that I can’t read what it is, but it seems to be working. Pray that God heals whatever is going on, and that I’m able to be back to normal. One plus of this though has been that I’ve been getting a LOT of rest, which has been awesome. I know God is the ultimate healer, so as usual I’m not too worried.

Also please pray for the camp this next week that God would move in mighty ways. I look at the faces of some of these youth and I’m not much older than most of them and see some of the struggling faces that I used to have. I pray that they are shown the hope that lies in Christ. Pray that it is a fun God filled week. I’m super excited to see what is going to happen, and to be able to capture the moments with my camera.

I hope this gets you all up to date for the most part. I will try my hardest to work on balance, and hopefully my posts will become more frequent. But please feel free to shoot me an email, they are very encouraging and I can answer any questions or share some more stories.

Much Love and God Bless,


God the Holy One, says, “Can you compare me to anyone? Is anyone equal to me?” Look up to the skies. Who created all these stars? He leads out the army of heaven one by one and calls all the stars by name. Because he is strong and powerful, not one of them is missing. – Isaiah 40:25-26

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