Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have been thinking about changes a lot lately. And obviously in the past year I have encountered many changes in my life. I'm coming up on a year in Moldova and have been thinking about the big "1 year blog post" that I promised my mom, but while thinking about it and what I will write I decided that this one had to be written first.
Nearing the end of my journey here in Moldova I've been trying to sum of my time here in my head. A lot of it doesn't make sense and I know I will be processing these last months for a while. But I look back to a year ago and it becomes difficult to remember who I was then. Yes of course I was an 18 year old with a severe case of senioritis who was ready to have high school in the past and move on to something new. But I feel like I was a completely different person compared to who I am now. And I feel like a major reason for that is because I have discovered who in am through God. I am not my own person, I am God's. More than anything this year I have learned that I have to stop being my own person and start being God's. He created me as His child, for His glory. I mean just the fact that I have been in Moldova for almost a year is because of Him. Not because of myself, my church in Midland, the church here, the seminary here, no it all is because of Him. He is the root of it all.
I have learned more about my weaknesses and strengths. Discovering things that I appreciate about myself and things that I do not. I cannot not say that I have changed all for the better, because I know that it's just not the truth. There always seems to be a good and bad side of things.
But really I wouldn't change this experience for anything because I know that without it I wouldn't of been able to discover what it means to be God's person and live the life that HE has given me.
I know this time is not up yet and I am looking forward to the last few months here in Moldova to see what else God will reveal to me and use me in.
So that is all for now, now I can start working on the 1 year post which will be up on the 7th, since that is 1 year since I arrived here in Moldova.
So until then,
Blessings to all

O and just to update and what has been going on here in Moldova. Seminary is over for the semester and we are gearing up for all the summer projects now. We have gone to the camp (2 hours away) 3 times already to do some painting and get things ready for when the kids come.
Also we have a new intern here named Ashley. She arrived last Saturday, and it has been really cool to be able to show Moldova to her. I remember back to when I was seeing Moldova for the first time, and it has been cool to see another person experience that, especially someone who is on fire for the Lord and ready to help with what He is doing here in Moldova.
So pray for us and the church as we prepare for the summer and such.
More next time, B.

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