Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Humbled and Blessed

Christina (who I met last summer) and her dog Beam
Nicedia playing cards
Hellen sharing the gospel

Hellen and Tanya sharing the gospel with the evangecubes

Showing Nadia a map of the states and where Texas is!
A group of us on the 2nd day
beautiful Nadia

Vanya!!! Love this kid
The Moldovans playing baseball



Food deliveries to the elderly
Lidia Claudette and I
Artiom packing the food bags

So my time here in Moldova in general has been full of humblings moments and blessings, but I really felt that this was the theme for last week. Last week was our first project of the summer. We didn't have a team come in for this one except for Ashley's (the new intern) father. So it was up to us Moldovans! (and yes I do consider myself a Moldovan now)
We delivered food in the mornings to families that Claudette and the elderly ministry had visited before and then in the afternoons we had a sports camp at one of the nearby schools.
One of the most humbling and biggest blessings about it for me was watching Hellen. You all have heard me speak about Hellen before. Last summer she accepted Christ at the youth camp and since then I have formed a special relationship with her, as well as she has with the church and others. She helped us out for the week and was so eager and excited to do whatever she could. On Wednesday afternoon at the sports I was playing basketball with some kids when Serghei called me over and said "I need you to take pictures now, Tanya and Hellen are sharing the gospel to those kids." I was a little caught of guard, but looked over and sure enough they had a group of about 10 kids around them and were sharing the gospel using an evangecube. I immediately just got this feeling of the Holy Spirit and how it was moving through these 2 sisters. Hellen was translating Tanya's words into Romanian, but then the next day Hellen used the same cube and did it herself to another group of people! This is a girl who is the same age as me and a year ago she didn't even have a relationship with God and here she is sharing the gospel to kids and teens. Amazing and definitely one of the highlights of the week.
I could probably go on and on of all the things that happened last week, but I figured I would share some pictures. You know because they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
We have this week next week and then on the 11th we have our kids camp 2 hours away near a city called Orhei. Please pray that preparations for that go smoothly and as planned, and that God would bless that time with the kids.
God Bless to all,

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  1. Bets! That is so exciting about Tanya and Hellen! Praise God for the amazing ways the Holy Spirit has grown in Hellen's life, and has moved her forward to share the Gospel as well. I'm so proud of you and the investment you have made in her life. You are certainly leaving a lasting impression on Moldova. Love you!