Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I know where I'm going

Having been here in Moldova over a year now I feel like I'm looking through different eyes than a year ago. I leave my apartment and don't have to second guess which direction I'm supposed to go. I go to the grocery store and actually know what is in what I'm buying. I walk in the park or in the mall and see a familiar face. I feel at home when at church despite the language difference. I don't feel like I live in a foreign country anymore. Now Moldova isn't another country far away from home that I moved to for a year, it is my second home that holds a special place in my heart.
This makes me think of my relationship with God, and how I want the same things between God and I. I want to know which direction He wants me to go and not second guess Him. I want to live my life to glorify God. I want the familiar faces around me to know that God is hope and the reason for my smile. I don't want God to feel foreign to me, but my best friend, Father, and hope. I want to be close to Him, not far away. I want to know without doubt that I will be going to home to God. My real and true home is with Christ.
I love how things I notice everyday no matter how small are used by God to show me something else. I feel like even if after Moldova I go to school for 10+ years it won't compare to the what God has taught me here in Moldova.
Gearing up for camp next week these next couple of days. I will be going with the early group on Saturday to help prepare everything for the kids arrival on Monday. The American team from Arizona arrives on Saturday, so please pray for their safe arrival. I pray that God will completely surround the camp next week and the His truth will prevail.
O and we had a great 4th of July celebration on Monday. Claudette, Ashley, and I went to Irene's for home made cheeseburgers, french fries, Coke, and ice cream sundaes. It was great to spend the holiday with my Moldovan mom and my fellow American roommates. Good times in Moldova!
Much much love,

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