Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Made It!!!

Well now the interesting posts can start!! The day that I have been waiting for came and past. I finally left for Moldova, and I got here safely. I'm currently in the living room of my apartment on my roommate's computer ha
I left Sunday morning from Midland and arrived Monday morning Texas time and Monday evening Moldova time. All my travels went as planned, well except for an over weight fee for my bags, but I guess that was expected.
I was greeted at the airport by 2 of the pastors from the church, Eugene and Sergei, and 2 of my friends I met last year, Vlada and Artium, who even brought me balloons (:
I was dropped off at the apartment, and let me tell you, it's AWESOME!! I will post pics soon once I can get my computer up and running. It is way more than I expected, and will be the perfect place to live while I'm here. Still trying to get settled in and used to actually having my own place though ha
Today I leave for the leadership camp. Eugene will be picking me up sometime after lunch. Everyone else that I will be working with this summer are already there and i'm very eager to go and join them!
God has been so good so far, and I have felt the power of all of your thoughts and prayers. They are all appreciated and such a blessing. I would have never of made it this far without them.
I'll return with my roommates on Friday morning, hopefully then we can figure out my computer and I hope to be able to post some pictures and video tour of the apartment.
Please pray for my health and that I will continue to get rest and adjust smoothly to the time difference. Although I slept great last night my body thinks it's the middle of the night right now since it is in Midland but here it's 11:20 in the morning. Also pray for the language barrier, that I am able to pick up some basic Russian phrases and am able to communicate. So far i've just been listening intently pretending like I know what's going on. Also pray that God will use me to glorify him and to move in the hearts of the people here. Thank you all so much.
Well I'll post again on Friday, feel free to email between now and then!
much love and God Bless, Bethany

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